SURF POP: Nicky Blitz is an LA-based, street-smart troubadour who sounds like the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie


“They’ll hope that you won’t. And they’ll pray that you don’t. So don’t choke.” This is the message, spat in growly baritone, of Nicky Blitz’s enthralling new single. It’s not a new message, but it’s an enduring and important one: in life, there will be haters, and they’ll queue up to watch you fail. So don’t fuck it up when it comes to the crunch, don’t give those bastards the satisfaction. A spaghetti-stained Eminem rapped about it on ‘Lose Yourself’ – but where Shady issued his rallying cry over the inner-city clang of gritty hip-hop beats, Blitz snarls his riding a wave of wild, rampant surf-rock chaos. Ladies and gentlemen, this is ‘Don’t Choke’.

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